Who We Are

Professional Services Company providing Finance & Technology based Contract Resources, Training, Professional Services, and Technology based Consulting solutions to its clients.

The team at Nineteen Eleven Solutions utilizes their extensive hands on and practical experience to deliver quality service to their Premiere Partners. With their sincere approach to doing business Nineteen Eleven Solutions consultants have succeeded in obtaining a sense of trust and respect from their Premiere Partners.

company Mission

business partnershipsThe management of nineteen eleven solutions has the core belief that behind every successful company are the Premiere Partners that it services. Every customer that comes in contact with Nineteen Eleven Solutions is viewed as a “Client Partner”. It is our strong belief that true dedication to every client will drive our success and allow us to stand out from the crowd as a true partner.

This belief drives our Mission Statement, which is:

"…to assist our Premiere Partners in reaching their resource and project goals, by providing superior consulting with superior talent creating outstanding results!"


The following philosophies represent and drive the success of the Nineteen Eleven Solutions brand and will be the driving force to the achievement of our mission:

Commitment – Seeing something through is an invaluable trait. There cannot be enough said for seeing a project, task, job, etc. through to the end. Our team will show an unparalleled level of commitment to its Premiere Partners, throughout and beyond the life cycle of the project, job, or task at hand.

Service – It is our job to be there for our Premiere Partners, showing the commitment and the dedication to the relationship. At times it seems as if the importance of customer satisfaction has been lost. We are committed to providing quality service to our Premiere Partners. We believe that the quality of service delivered is a direct reflection on the long term success of any organization.

Results – Once the ideas and solutions have been put into action, then it is the Results that will speak volumes. Action translated into meaningful results for our Premiere Partners equals ultimate success for everyone.

Integrity - None of the attributes mentioned matter if the key element of Integrity does not exist. If the Client Partner cannot rely on the integrity of its vendor, the consultants, and service then all else is of no consequence. Nineteen Eleven Solutions will always view its integrity as the #1 element and key to its relationship with its Premiere Partners. At the end of the day a company’s integrity speaks volumes about the way it does business.